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Youth Committee

The Youth Council is comprised of community leaders with interest and experience working with youth, representatives of youth service agencies, former participants, the public housing authority, Job Corps, parents of youth enrolled in the program and other key community stakeholders.

The roles and responsibilities of the Youth Council include oversight of a competitive bidding process to identify and award youth services contracts as approved by the Coastal Workforce Investment Board (CWIB). Another key responsibility is the coordination and oversight of program activities funded by the youth services grants. To aid in the seamless implementation of these programs, the Youth Council has designated four sub-regions and established a committee in each of the regions. This structure creates greater awareness of CWIB programs and services, allows for the efficient delivery of information and feedback regarding service delivery, and sets priorities for services appropriately.

The Youth Council meets six times per year, with the sub-regional committees meeting four to six times per year. The Youth Council is currently expanding its membership and encourages those interested in serving, at either the Council or sub-regional committee level, to attend the next meeting of the Youth Council. The Youth Council meets at 10:00 A.M. on the second Friday of January, March, May, July, September and November at the Richmond Hill City Center in Richmond Hill, GA.

Contact our Youth Services Providers for more information.