Some individuals may need assistance to maintain or retaining a good job by enhancing their skills or learning new technologies and procedures in an ever changing economic environment. Without appropriate training that allows existing workers to gain the necessary skills to operate new processes or technologies, employers may find it necessary to layoff workers with obsolete skills. Layoff aversion is one of the functions of the workforce system.
The overall goal of layoff aversion is to save jobs. A workforce’s knowledge and skills are the core drivers of economic competitiveness. Implementation of programs and policies to develop the workforce, investment of limited resources, and arrangement of service delivery to continually improve employee skills is paramount.
Companies and corporations make business decisions daily that affect employment, sales, suppliers, customers, vendors, and ultimately communities. WorkSource Coastal has the unique opportunity to implement proactive programs, thereby saving jobs and helping our community grow and prosper. Documented layoff aversion strategies, including Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) may be used to serve communities.
There are a wide variety of approaches and strategies available to assist with layoff aversion, including early identification of at risk companies, assessing the needs of such companies, and delivering services to address risk factors.  Layoff aversion is an ongoing effort, not a one-time event. Layoff aversion activities should be conducted as local economies are contracting and expanding.
Please contact a Business Services Representative in your area to discuss your needs.

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