Work Experience (WX) is a work-based training program that is determined by the Employer’s needs. Prior to being placed at a work site, all participants have received training, either in a classroom setting or one-on-one regarding workplace expectations.
Employers and participants experience the following benefits by participating in the Work Experience Program:
  • Participants may be eligible to receive assistance in covering the costs of background checks, drug screens or additional Employer specific assessments.
  • To assist the Employer and participant in maintaining a positive work experience through the duration of the assignment,  the employer will be reimbursed 100% of wages and the job seeker may receive assistance with  support services such as transportation, uniforms, and/or tools based on the participant’s need.
  • Unlike On-the-Job-Training (OJT) there is no employer commitment to hire the participant. Individuals must meet eligibility and suitability requirements.
Although the majority of work experience activities occur with youth participants, adults and dislocated worker participants may also take advantage of these services. Work experience opportunities are offered to participants when a comprehensive assessment that identifies that the job seeker would benefit from this activity. They can also help to determine other specific needs, including the need for additional training. Public sector employers, private non-profit and for-profit employers are all considered acceptable for work experience placements.
The goal of Work Experience is to provide each participant with a meaningful work experience (WX), on site job coaching, mentoring, career awareness, for issues they may encounter while working.
WX participants will be paid what standard employees are paid by that employer per the position and are expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week.  Hours worked may never exceed 40 hours.  An increase in hours worked must be pre-approved by WSC. The duration of the Work Experience/Subsidized Employment can be scheduled for up to 12 weeks.
The Employer has the discretion to end the paid work experience for any reason.  The Employer can extend the work experience past the 12 weeks.  WSC requires the employer to requests the extension in writing.  Email is acceptable.
The Employer is also free to hire the participant during or after the 12 weeks, but are not obligated to hire anyone.

The job seeker’s role in the process will be clearly explained to him/her.  The participants are expected to show up on time, notify both their worksite supervisor and their case manager if they are unable to make it to work or will be late, and to work at the tasks they are given.

Contact a WSC Business Service Representative  at 912-351-6379 if you have questions or are interested in hosting a work experience placement/site. If you are interested in being placed on a work experience site, contact a WorkSource Coastal Career Development Specialist at one of the WorkSource Coastal Job Centers near you to determine eligibility.

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