Customized Training (CT) is designed to meet the special requirements of a business or a group of businesses.
CT provides technical and skill training in order to build a talent pool for area employers.
Customized training is designed to provide the Coastal region with flexibility to ensure that training meets the unique needs of the job seekers and employers or groups of employers.
The training is designed with the input of the business or group of businesses and is intended to fill skill gaps and positions that are in demand or that have been difficult to fill.
Training is conducted at a technical college or onsite and WSC is able to fund 50% of all legitimate costs to the business.
Individuals must meet eligibility and suitability requirements:
There are several factors that must be considered when customized training is used:
  • Groups of individuals that receive training would otherwise lack the necessary requirements of the industry to obtain employment, retain employment or be eligible for advancement in the industry to earn self-sufficient wages.
  • The training should provide an industry-recognized credential or certificate that demonstrates the quality of work or advanced ability necessary to obtain, retain or advance in employment in the industry. Other certificates or credentials may be agreed upon with WSC approval.
  • The wage and benefit levels of participants should not be reduced after training has occurred.
  • Successful completion of the training should allow for increased wage obtainment or advancement opportunities.
  • The occupation for which customized training is being provided must be in demand within the Coastal region. Priority will be given to those industries identified in the Coastal Career Initiative and aligns with current WSC sector strategies.

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