Introducing the NEW MySource Coastal Campaign…
Turning Our Source Into Your Force™
Our new, entertainment based WorkSource Coastal (WSC) Promotional Campaign is designed to attract, provide, and connect the broader vision and career leadership to our audience.  We want everyone seeking a better job, or a brighter opportunity… to come here first! Don’t worry about what other people are telling you. We are wonderfully aligned with local businesses, organized labor groups, community organizations, as well as education right here where you live.  WSC is proud to offer the help you need throughout the various hiring processes at all of its 10-county workforce locations.
Our goal is to help wake up our community and let them know that WorkSource Coastal is here for you and so is opportunity!  It doesn’t matter if you are unemployed, underemployed, a student, a veteran or, frankly, just someone who wants to know more.  Well, this is where we come in. Our professionally, trained, empathetic staff are here to help you get to the next step. From “resume writing to interview tips,” this organization is charged with the responsibility to ensure that our WorkSource Coastal Help Centers are business customer focused and outcome based.  WorkSource Coastal works hard daily to ensure that systems are in place so that a quality connection can be made between individuals, like yourself, seeking to gain fruitful and satisfying job employment with businesses looking for qualified workers.

Listen to The MySource Coastal Campaign Podcasts!
All you have to do is listen. Learn. And Earn.
We are excited to provide you with multiple WorkSource Coastal Podcasts that are meant to help you, inspire you, and individually hold your hand in this often frustrating and confusing job finding process. We can help guide you, and help provide you with the necessary steps to get you to the next step in your career path. You just have to call us. Or better, visit us at one of our convenient offices!
Why do we do this?  Because everyone at WorkSource Coastal is committed to enhancing the economic viability of our region to anyone interested by offering various worksource skillsets. We want to guide or assist Coastal Georgia communities in all efforts to help develop, promote, support, and sustain competitive workforce opportunities. And we just down the street.
By providing well-trained, highly motivated employees for business and industry, we can improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and the communities of Coastal Georgia.  Please help us spread the word about the new MySource Coastal Campaign by sharing it with your friends.
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